Hello again! Rolling out the animations at the moment. Good grief. For this one I stole the particularly fiddley stratastencil technique off that clever man Javan Ivey. You can see his original animation here http://javanivey.com/my_paper_mind.html. Anyway, I thought it looked supercools, and decided to give that technique a go when I was commissioned to make a promotional animation for another clever man, Mr Shiroshana Tissera.

Mr Tissera is a PHD student at Cranfield Business School, and has made a unique new site called Vitokito.com. Basically, anything digital that you have created can be uploaded and shared on his site, and dowloaded for monies! MONIES! Give it a go peeps. And also watch my animation, in which flatmate Aofie will explain how the site works in her delightful Irish accent whilst your mind is blown away by a zorbing paper tunnel of awesomeness.
Anyone wondering how it was done, please be assured that you’ll probably never want to try it unless, like me, you are an absolute sucker for ridiculous stop-motion punishment and you never ever learn to just do it on the computer like all the sensible animators. Firstly, animate the whole thing on flash. Secondly, print every single frame out on sturdy paper. Thirdly, destroy your index finger cutting out all the frames in relief. And if possible, rope everybody you know into helping you do this. (Thank you so much Katie, Pip, Olivia, Geoff and Howard! Thank you, thank you, thank you!) Fourthly, drill holes in lots of coat hangers, hang them all up on a rail and peg up the sheets of paper. Get some one sensible to light it for you (Thank you Mr Robin!). And fifth, shoot it all over again in the stopmotion software of your choice.
Voila! One zorbing paper tunnel of vitokito information 🙂 Check out the site here: www.vitokito.com
Here’s the coat hanger rig…

Arty shot of Robin, my amazing cinematographer…

Me hanging stuff up. Robot mode!


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