Hello again. I am definitely the laziest blogger in the world. I’m still convinced no-one ever reads this site so I only bother to update it twice a year. However, I do have 74,958 spam comments which I don’t know how to get rid of. So thank you spam merchants. At least you love me.
I have been constantly animating though. Next up is a particularly labourious music video that I made entirely from moving round itty bitty grains of sand on top of a lightbox. In a darkened room. On my own. For two months. Where the only light source was covered in sand.
I thought I was going mad doing the watercolour umbrella film, but nothing will ever compare to the intense loneliness and insanity felt completing this project. There was sand in my hair, in my shoes, in my sandwiches at lunch time and in my bed at night. Sand is now blacklisted on my list of fun things to animate with. But anyway, I’m quite pleased with the final thing now it’s all over.
Behold! Sandy things I painstakingly made!

This is a sandy looking sleeping girl on the light box, one of the first images I made.

And a treasure chest made out of coloured sand. This took a good 3 hours to craft! Bleugh!

And OCTO-SAND. A sandy Octopus. There are plenty more, but I might just stick the video up and you can see for yourselves. It’s all a bit random. Dream-like, some might say. Anyways, enjoy!

And if you like the band’s music, you can check them out here: http://theoystermurders.com/

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