Hello and welcome to my three-piece blog. 3 posts in 6 months is pretty shameful. Social media fail. But anyway, I have an excuse, as I’ve actually been making lots of stuff and directing an animated short. So there.

This new one is a weird mix up between a Lotte Reiniger silhouette fairy tale (whose work I’ve always been a massive fan of), a love story and a very silly zombie movie. The tag line is ‘a zombie movie with more heart than brains’! I don’t want to say any more about the plot, lest I spoil the surprises. It finally went into production a few weeks ago (Yay! Finally!) So I’m a happy bunny again. In the mean time, here’s a few stills of the art work that’s been going on. (Click on them to see the big, lovely versions)

These are Nigel and Felicity, the two main characters.

And here are a few of the backgrounds, art-worked by the rather amazing Tom Boot.

The lover’s glade…

Church on the hill at sunset…

And Nigel’s room!

That’s probably your lot for another 6 months! Laaaaaazy blogging. I still haven’t put the umbrella up, as the sound is still not done (Sigh). And if anyone else wants to check out Lotte Reiniger stuffs you can find lots of videos here http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lotte+reiniger&aq=0&oq=lotte+r

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  1. Oh I love Lotte! She was one of the reasons why I bmacee an animator. I think I saw that documentary either on public TV channel or in my history of animation class. Really inspiring. So many great women animators from the past that usually are never talked about because it was a male dominated field. (ahem disney) XDThanks for posting this! xoxo

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