So the last animation I’ve been working (since forever, it feels like) is all about that well known subject of what an umbrella must go through when it hits puberty. I’m so glad it’s nearly finished! The animation’s all done, and i’m just waiting on two super talented gentlemen to do the music and sound effects for me, then I can show you guys why I was absolutely house bound in October!

Here’s a couple of the stills:

When razors rain from the skies, it’s probably trying to tell you something…

It’s time to start shaving that hairy pole!

Need to lose some weight?

And are you too ugly to get the boy?

Well then, if you’re an umbrella then you should probably watch this film! And if you’re not, then you should probably watch it any way, or else I’ve wasted a good couple of months of my life. Each and every frame is painted in watercolours by the way kids, and if having a social life or maintaining some grasp on sanity is important to you, then I advise you never, ever to think this is a good medium to animate in!

I’ll let you know when it’s up.

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  1. If i could think of anything funny, i’d write it here..though i can see the similarity between the umberllas and the peacocks..

  2. anna-mation

    February 3, 2011

    Yeah. Having thought about it afterwards, I guess I like the sudden openy-ness of them! And of things that can’t get a boyfriend/girlfriend.

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