10 Feb 2014
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Life drawing at Candid...

I forgot how much I missed life drawing until I started going to the Candid Arts Centre in Angel a few weeks back. I really recommend that place in particular. Its only £7, »

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4 Dec 2013
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Super Ricky

Super Ricky presents Eco friendly printers! An animated promo for Fillink.

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4 Dec 2013
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Mystery still!

Hungry spider!

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23 Jul 2013

Spike and Mike’s...

Spike and Mike's new sickbag design

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22 Dec 2012
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Skwigly Advent Picture

An advent illustration for the Skwigly Animation Christmas Calendar: http://www.skwigly.co.uk/

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13 Dec 2012
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A stratastencil style animated promo for www.vitokito.com

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8 Aug 2012
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Sand Animation for The...

A sand animation music video for Australian band 'The Oyster Murders'.

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7 Mar 2012
Comments Off on Night of the Loving Dead – finally finished!

Night of the Loving Dead &...

It’s been a long time coming folks – a whole year in fact! But Night of the Loving Dead is finally finished. Here’s the poster! Synopsis: Nigel is a lovesick »

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25 Dec 2011
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Merry Christmas

Meet melty the snowman. Inspired by the wonderful Michel Ocelot’s Les Trois Inventeurs. Merry Christmas my dears!

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1 Jul 2011

Zombie Fairy Tale

Hello and welcome to my three-piece blog. 3 posts in 6 months is pretty shameful. Social media fail. But anyway, I have an excuse, as I’ve actually been making lots »

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