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9 Feb 2012
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Catalysis viral

A short corporate viral video I made to promote a new website to help developers, commissioned by Catalysis Media.

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28 Jan 2012

Tea Mermaid

I like tea, and I like mermaids. I made this one to test out all the new stuff on PS CS5. It took forever. Hope you like her! (She doesn’t look too impressed).

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28 Dec 2011

Milk it!

This is an animation I did for a character project at the NFTS. It was made in 5 weeks. We each had to design a character, and then we put all the characters in a hat, and »

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27 Dec 2011


This is a sand animation I made in a NFTS workshop with the amazing Caroline Leaf. It’s about a little girl who reads about the winged horse Pegasus in a book of constellations, »

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25 Dec 2011
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Merry Christmas

Meet melty the snowman. Inspired by the wonderful Michel Ocelot’s Les Trois Inventeurs. Merry Christmas my dears!

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7 Nov 2011
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Casino Dreams

Pixilation project! Involving a young man who has a very naughty gambling addiction and must purge himself. The whole thing: building 2 sets including one upside down one, »

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12 Jul 2011
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Teenage Umbrella

A whistle stop journey through adolescence with an umbrella. Is she pretty and thin enough? Why is she getting spots? Will she ever find somebody to love her? Every frame »

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1 Jul 2011

Zombie Fairy Tale

Hello and welcome to my three-piece blog. 3 posts in 6 months is pretty shameful. Social media fail. But anyway, I have an excuse, as I’ve actually been making lots »

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3 Feb 2011

Teenage Umbrella (almost...

So the last animation I’ve been working (since forever, it feels like) is all about that well known subject of what an umbrella must go through when it hits puberty. »

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